JouéClub Liban Loyalty Program


At Magic Tree SAL "JouéClub", rewarding our customers is key.

With the launch of our new mobile app JouéClubLiban & website, we’re happy to inform our dear customers that tracking your loyalty points is now easier than ever with our new rewards program.

You will now have the option to either keep your card, or shift to a completely new digital experience, or even proceed with both; you will be able to track your points on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Upon downloading our mobile app JouéClubLiban & creating your personalized account, 100 loyalty points will be instantly offered from us to you.

REWARDS PROGRAM Process & Information:

Ø  Our reward program is applicable on all physical purchases in all JouéClub branches namely: Verdun | Achrafieh | Beirut Souks | CityMall | CityCentre | Ghazir | Aishti By the Sea | Zero4

Ø  Our reward program is also applicable on all online purchases namely:

JouéClubLiban Mobile App &

Ø  In case any amount of points has been collected from your previous JouéClub loyalty card; we will be adding it to the balance of your new account.

LOYALTY POINTS Value & Clarification:

Ø  1 point will be automatically added on every 1,000L.L spent

Ø  Total of points will be instantly accumulated based on the total invoice amount

Ø  Points will not be accounted on items that are already on promotion

Ø  Our loyalty program will be split into 3 levels, depending on the bracket in which falls your accumulated loyalty points:

Bracket of Accumulated Points

Point Redemption Value

Level 1

1 point --> 3,000 points

1 point = 30 L.L

Level 2

3,001 points --> 7,000 points

1 point = 50 L.L

Level 3

7,001 points & above

1 point = 70 L.L



Ø  The points redemption will be effective 24 hours from points collection; no specific amount is to be reached prior to redemption.

Ø  The timeline to redeem the collected loyalty points is 12 months

Ø  The 12 months countdown starts from earning date & is not linked to the total number of accumulated points

Ø  A prior notification alert will be sent to you ahead of points expiry date

 Download our mobile app on Apple Store & Play Store JouéClubLiban.

For any additional information, kindly contact us on 71/499300.

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