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Bubble Massage Pure Spa Inflatable Whirlpool 216x71 Cm

The Intex 28428 Bubble Spa with heating pump water, filter cartridge and all accessories is the perfect inflatable whirlpool tub, that can hold up to 6 people, for relaxing at home or in the garden.

LBP 50,751,990

LBP 40,601,592


Category Pools & Water Toys / AGP Pools & Jacuzzi
Age Group 9 years +
Product Code 28428
Brand Intex
Country Of Origin China

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Item Description

The Intex 28428 inflatable whirlpool is the result of Intex's deep knowledge and experience in the market of swimming pools and water filtering systems.

It is a new and revolutionary product, made with FiberTech‰гў technology which is made fromеКthousands of filaments that give the product an exceptional resistance to shocks. This means that compared to other similar products, inflatable walls are much more stable and solid when entering and leaving the pool.еК

Another important feature is the quietness of the whirlpool system, which is very important for a relax area.

As indicated in the technical features, the patented Intex anti-limescale system is guaranteed for long term use. The Spa can contain up to 6 people and has 140 holes at the bottom from which relaxing hydro-massage jets are produced.еК

It is also equipped with a filtering system designed to clean the water (flow capacity: 1,741 L/hr), heat it (temperature range: 1-2еЎC/h) and create whirlpool jets with very low energy consumption (0.83kw/h/еЎC)!

This inflatable SPA is ready in less than an hour: in fact, it takes 10 minutes to assemble the technical block and inflate the elements, and 50 minutes to fill the 1000 litres of water.еК

The spa can remain shut for several weeks without having to recharge it; however, if necessary, it can beеКtopped of with airеКwithout emptying it, using the same flexible hose used during installation.

Technical Features:

  • Tub size: 216x71 cm
  • People capacity: 6
  • Water capacity: 1098 Lt.
  • Inside/outside diameter: 165/216 cm
  • Height: 71 cm
  • Thickness: 0.84 mm
  • Material: Three-layer PVC Laminated
  • Internal structure: 48 Fiber-Tech BeamsTM
  • Bubble blower: 800 W /220-240 V
  • Heater: 2200W/220-240V
  • Pump flow: 1,741 L / hr
  • Anti-limescale treatment 10 W
  • Temperature: 20еЎ - 40еЎ C
  • Temperature increase: 1еЎ - 2еЎ C/hr
  • Whirlpool jets: 140
  • Weight: 49.9 kg
  • Colour: sand

Also included:

  • Pump for water heating and filtration, with blower/limescale treatment system included
  • Filter cartridge
  • Thermal cover and base sheet to prevent heat loss
  • Float for the release of chemicals
  • Bag for transport and storage of the pool
  • Installation DVD
  • Two convenient carrying handles