Genius XL Color Pro Bilingual Pink Computer
LBP 1,246,990
The Genius XL color pro bilingual pink is a bilingual French / English computer with a high definition color screen : it is designed to optimize your child's learning and be easy to use. It has 90 fun activities divided into 8 main categories: letters, animals, sounds, French, games, mathematics, science, English, earth and space . Your child learns new things while having fun and can use it independently.
Multimedia / Electronic Games
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6 years +
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Hong Kong
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The educational electronic toy puts pedagogy in the spotlight by making learning a game . It is complementary to the school program and allows your child to improve their skills in different subjects , in English and French , while having fun.

It allows your child to better understand the world around him through various educational games : spelling, writing, arithmetic, rhymes, synonyms ...

You will also have the opportunity to follow his progress and better understand the difficulties he is encountering thanks to the dedicated program. The Genius xl color pro bilingual pink has two difficulty levels so that your child can progress at their own pace.
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