Sneaky Cards
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Your mission: to become a secret agent of good humor! In this box is a unique experience, a kind of treasure hunt in YOUR daily life that stimulates creativity, humor and rewards boldness!
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Make your daily life a permanent game and take advantage of it to brighten up other people's lives!
Inside a box: 54 challenges to make people laugh, communicate, exchange, add spice to your life. Take a selfie with a stranger, hide cards, cook for someone ... All these challenges will lead you to both surpass yourself and enjoy a shared pleasure.
What is the purpose of the game? You have to give up all your cards. On each of them is a benevolent challenge to be met! Once the challenge is completed, the card is sent to a contact you have chosen and who can in turn continue the largest chain of joyful challenges in the world!
A unique philosophy: Sneaky cards is an innovative game, both personal and extremely user-friendly. Realize the challenges of your pack of cards: be creative, bold, learn new things ... Then share your pleasure by passing on your cards to others so that they too can participate in this fun adventure.
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