Dojo Battle Electronic Battling Game
LBP 440,990
Dojo Battle is the action-packed electronic battling game that lets you fight like a hi-tech ninja!
Vehicles, Circuits & Guns / Guns
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6 years +
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 Using the patented Smart Strike Technology, Dojo Battle automatically detects and scores hits from only your Dojo Battle swords – it won't register hits from arms, legs, or other weapons – as you play. There are multiple battle modes to choose from as you play, and Dojo Battle has 2 swords and 2 chest pieces so you're battle ready right away! The chest pieces make real battle sounds and light up whenever they detect a hit, and you can choose which dojo you belong to by picking the color of your chest piece. Want to take your battles to the next level? All Dojo Battle swords and chest pieces work together, so you can play with as many friends as you want! Get Dojo Battle today and fight like a hi-tech ninja!
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