Glitza - Crystal Box 160 Designs to Create
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The Party Ball is everything a young artist needs to decorate with GLITZA™.
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The Party Ball is everything a young artist needs to decorate with GLITZA™. 
This sphere is a storage space, work space, and carrying case - all in one! Twist the heart-shaped carrying handle to open your own world of imagination. 
The blue tray is your palette! Two sections securely hold your glitter pots while you work, one section has a special indent for magical manicures, and the other section is wide open for color blending. 
There are unique channels to neatly return glitter back into the pots, so you don’t need to waste a thing! 
What party is complete without a surprise? The mirror underneath the workspace hides a secret storage space that can only be unlocked with your key! Lock away your favorite colors and designs here, or anything else you’d like to keep safe. 
It’s your party, decorate it how you want to! We’ve even included a ring, bracelet, and necklace for you to get creative with. Bring your imagination to life with GLITZA™ and have a ball!

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