Barbie Color Surprise Doll
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Barbie® Color Surprise™ doll is ready to make a bold statement with hair that transforms in an instant! Change the color of Barbie® doll's hair from pretty pastel shades to bolder, brighter hues with ice cold water.
Dolls & Princesses / Fashion Dolls
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5 years +
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Mattel Barbie
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Create Color Hairstyles for Barbie® Doll!
Young stylists can create so many cool looks with Barbie® Color Surprise™ doll. All of the necessary tools are included to create unique and modern hairstyles for Barbie® doll over and over again -- colorful, color-changing hair on Barbie® doll; four stencils; one stencil tool; one spray bottle; one hair brush; two hair bands and two hair clips.

​Cool Color-Change Hair!
Color Surprise™ Barbie® doll has unique color-change hair. When sprayed with ice cold water, the pretty pastels -- pink, blue and purple -- transform into the bolder, brighter hues of hot pink, bright teal and deep purple. It's so cool! You can use the water bottle to spray all of Barbie® doll's hair or use the stencils to create unique designs. There are four included featuring hearts, stars, stripes or a chevron pattern, and use is easy. Simply slide a selected stencil into the stencil holder and place a section of Barbie® doll's hair inside, then spray with water. Remove the stencil and reveal your design.

Experiment with Color and Design!
Use one stencil, then another. Try a freehand look. Or go all-over bold. Take your hairstyles to another level and use the accessories to create braids, updos, ponytails or whatever look your story needs. It's endless fun and all-day play. Barbie® doll is dressed in a look that goes from day to night, casual to formal -- her out-of-this world dress has a galaxy-inspired print and ruffled sleeves. Silvery platform shoes and a silvery necklace add trendy touches

Be Anything with Barbie®!
Tell all kinds of tales and try out all types of looks with Barbie® Color Surprise™ doll. So easy to play with, you can explore your own style and the stories you want to tell with each fashion transformation.
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